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Small Business Legal Services

Small business owners all over Jacksonville know and trust the name George A. Spencer, CPA, P.A. for his breadth of knowledge and expertise in small business accounting and tax preparation services, but more and more people are turning to him with their small business legal service needs as well. As a practicing business lawyer admitted to the Florida state bar, George A. Spencer, CPA, P.A. is expertly equipped to provide you and your small business with the professional legal guidance and litigation support you need for entity formation, governance, end of life legal matters, and more.

Legal Services For Small Businesses in Jacksonville

From changing legislation at the local, state, or national level to setting up LLCs and corporations and beyond, running a successful business requires constantly navigating legal situations that aren’t always easily understood, quickly resolved, or even discernable as a good choice for your company.

That’s why having a practicing business attorney who can provide guidance, support, and resources to get your business where you want it to go is more important than ever. George A. Spencer, CPA, P.A. can help. A well known and successful small business CPA, George also holds a Juris Doctorate and is an admitted and practicing member of the Florida state bar.

Specializing in small business law, governance, succession, and other small business legal services, George A. Spencer, CPA, P.A. provides everything you need to safely and successfully grow your business into the entity that you want it to be. Get in touch today to get started, or continue reading to learn more about his practice’s many small business legal services offerings.

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Business & Contract Law

Most small business owners start with an idea, a dream, or an opportunity. Combine that with some planning and passion and you have the ingredients to start offering your products or services formally. However, it doesn’t take most business owners very long to realize that their young business is going to need more than just energy and effort to succeed. It requires savvy legal know-how to create binding agreements, create official business entities, and develop an environment that fosters business while mitigating risk. Local Jacksonville business owners who find themselves in this position know and trust one name for all of their small business legal service advising and litigation needs.

George A. Spencer, CPA, P.A. has over 20 years of experience helping business owners successfully transition to becoming business people who can scale, prosper, and compete safely through legal compliance and carefully crafted policies and contracts.

Entity Formation

Determining whether or not to incorporate your business, to remain a sole proprietor, or to establish yourself as a “C” or “S” corp requires careful forethought, long-term planning, and a little bit of nuance — things you simply won’t find in the one-size-fits-all online incorporation market.

George A. Spencer, CPA, P.A. know the right questions to ask, the pitfalls to avoid and has a perfect understanding of each step that must be taken — as well as how and when — in your incorporation or startup journey.
For help with the following services, get in touch with our team today.

  • LLCs
  • Partnerships
  • Corporations

Operations, Governance, and Transactions

Once you have properly established yourself as the correct type of business for your goods, services, model, and goals, it’s time for the real work to start.

Running your day to day operations in a manner that promotes growth and reduces risk is significantly easier said than done. Whether you are determining what kind of daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly recording and reporting you need to do or you are working hard to write iron-clad contracts and agreements for your employees and customers, there are endless opportunities to make mistakes that can come back to haunt you and your business.

George A. Spencer, C.P.A., P.A. has both the legal services knowledge you need from a small business attorney as well as the financial planning and tax expertise to cover every piece of legal minutiae that so commonly derail small business owners. Conversely, George isn’t limited by the size of the task that you and your business have in front of you, and he and his team are happy to put their breadth of knowledge and experience in the following areas to work for you:

  • Owner/Director/Manager/Officer Compliance
  • Contract Negotiation and Drafting
  • Shareholder Agreements and Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Employment Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreements
  • Franchise Purchases, Sales, and Operations
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (Stock or Asset Purchase and Sale Agreements)


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Estate Planning

Creating a plan that empowers you to have your wishes fulfilled and your estate, holdings, and heirlooms dispersed, protected, or endowed as you see fit takes advanced planning and thorough execution by a dedicated attorney.

At George A. Spencer, CPA, P.A., we understand just how important knowing that your final wishes will be handled correctly is to you. That’s why we offer compassionate, professional estate planning and end of life legal services to business owners and non-business owning citizens alike.

To ensure that your final wishes are carried out the way that you see fit, we provide legal counsel and legal services for all of the following:

  • Simple wills
  • Living wills
  • Power of Attorney (medical & financial)
  • HIPPA release
  • Living trusts
  • Lifetime gifts
  • Charitable planning
  • And more


Following through on the legally prescribed final wishes of a loved one is typically a routine matter. However, when it exceeds norms for legal or personal reasons, determining how to disperse funds, property, and other assets can become quite complex. For situations like these, we offer expert probate services to help verify and initiate your loved one’s wishes.